Why do people who make passive income online work so much?

Why do people who make passive income online work so much and so hard?


Hey, how’s it going? Myles here for InternetBusinessJunkie.com.

I decided to walk my dog this morning because it’s a great day here in San Diego. It’s Saturday morning and my dog is really excited about being in the park, so I have this long leash on and you may have seen him earlier in the video, but now he’s kind of wandering around and I don’t know what he’s going to do, so if he starts jerking and I start pulling, it’s because of him.

Anyway, I decided to take my camera out and I’m filming this on my trusted iPhone, because I wanted to talk about a question that one of my internet marketing colleagues brought up, and he was wondering why so many internet business entrepreneurs who make lots of passive income still seem to work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

And I thought that was very interesting because the whole idea of making passive income is so you can escape the rat race and you have more freedom and you don’t have to work so much. And that’s really true, but the reason is many successful internet business entrepreneurs are really entrepreneurs to the core.

They want to create businesses that succeed and then create more, and the whole idea about internet business is that you are able to make money rather easily, you put in a lot of hard work in the beginning but then all of a sudden the income starts just piling in, and when that happens to you,

Oh we got a plane coming by so I’m going to wait for a second.

And you may have seen my dog pass by in the video. But, like I was saying, when you have a successful Internet product that launches or just really sells like crazy, it’s like an adrenaline rush. You want to do it over, and over, and over again.

So successful Internet entrepreneurs, even though they are making passive income from one product or two products, want to get that adrenaline rush again. They want that success over and over again, so they’re looking for more opportunities and different products to create or sell.

So that’s why a lot of people who are into internet businesses and making passive income, seem like they’re always busy. I’ve done the same thing over and over as well, where I have many products that exist on their own, they’re self-sufficient, many training programs, many digital products. Yet, I’m constantly thinking of different ways to make more money and create other products that will take me to a level where I never have to think about more products. And I think that’s where a lot of internet entrepreneurs are who sell digital products and make passive income.

They’re happy with what they’re making and they don’t put in a lot of work after the products are established but they want to get to a point where they’ve developed a huge online product empire or internet business empire where they never ever have to think about, whoops there’s my dog there again, never have to think about creating more ideas.

But that’s the reason, and again, entrepreneurs have an entrepreneurial spirit. They’re always looking for opportunities, but of course when the day comes where they’re happy with their empire, then of course they won’t have to work so much anymore. But that normally happens down the line because anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit will want to keep going.

And that’s my answer to why people who make passive income continually are looking for other opportunities and just seem like they’re always working.

Well, I hope that answers a lot of your questions for anyone who thinks about or wonders why people who are making passive income seem so busy.

Anyway, I’m going to walk my dog as you can see, you probably see his rear end right now. Hey Memo, Memo. Come over here, Memo. Memo, hey. So, he’s coming back here. So, I’m going to walk him and play around the park a bit.

I’ll see you next time, bye.

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Lisa February 27, 2012 6:20 pm

Hi Myles, I feel the same way. I have friends who are successful at making passive income but they really work a lot. It makes sense that good internet entrepreneurs will continue to build more products and look for better things.


2 comments… add one

I.B. Junkie February 27, 2012 6:22 pm

Thanks for the feedback, Lisa!


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