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Wow, it’s been a very busy weekend for me. Yesterday I was working on email opt-in forms all day and night, and today, I spent all day on strategic marketing plan for some of my websites. It’s late now, but I didn’t want to end the day without posting.


That said, I want to share a very valuable quick tip about outsourcing. If you run your own Internet business, it’s likely that you outsource some aspect of your business to remote workers, either in your country or abroad. This outsourcing tip pertains to situations when you have to outsource to a foreign country.

I’ve never heard of any one do or teach this, but it’s really effective. You ought to put this to practice if you do any outsourcing overseas.

It’s really simple. When you write your text instructions to hand to your remote workers, you want to write them in both English and the native language of the country where your outsourced workers are.

Don’t create two versions of your instructions. Instead, create one document and for each paragraph or main point, alternate between an English paragraph/sentence and another paragraph/sentence in your remote worker’s native tongue. By doing this, your workers can read your English instructions, and immediately see a translation for that paragraph or sentence in their native language. This will help ensure they have the correct understanding of what you want them to do.

You might be wondering who should translate your documents.  Outsource this too, but to someone who specializes in translation services; or, at the very minimum, a remote worker in the country you’re outsourcing to, who you can trust to do a decent job of translating. It won’t cost you much to have your instructions translated, and the benefits in getting better quality work completed, definitely outweigh the costs.

I plan to share more outsourcing tips based on my own experience in future posts. If you do a lot of outsourcing and want more help right away, this program is pretty good:

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