The “Internet Business Junkie”

Internet Business Junkie

Plain and simple…I love the Internet. I love business.

They’re two topics I’m passionate about and everyday I search for, study, experiment on, and test different ways to make a living online. I’m the epitome of an Internet Business Junkie. There are less than a handful of other topics that truly excite me.

Unlike droves of today’s online marketers and money making gurus who aren’t successful entrepreneurs, yet have managed to build false authority,  I’m no stranger to making money on the Internet and to Internet marketing. I’ve had success making decent passive income by creating and marketing over a dozen online products, applications, and training programs. I’ve worked as a marketing consultant for U.S. and international companies. Also, I developed and managed one of the  fastest growing online marketing agencies, serving as its Chief Operating Officer for 4 years.

Chief Operating Officer - Myles Vives

Despite this, I know I have much to learn. There are hundreds of Internet entrepreneurs and marketers who know more than me and have had much more success. I continually strive to reach their level and be as successful as the biggest names in the industry.

This website is an outlet for my Internet business passion (maybe a slight obsession? ;) ). But more importantly, this website serves a much higher purpose. . .

Deep down, we’re probably very alike. You probably yearn for more freedom in your life–to do what you want, when you want, and how you want. For me, I desire freedom to be with my family–to spend time with them whenever I want, and to never have to worry about not being there for them.

 It’s my sincere purpose to help you create more freedom in your life by doing what the rich do–create passive income.


Your reasons for wanting more freedom may be different from mine. Whatever they are, it’s my sincere purpose to help you create more freedom in your life, by helping you start and grow a profitable Internet business that makes you passive income, rather than trading your hours for dollars, regardless of your niche.

I hope to provide you with valuable guidance, while also learning from you through your comments, feedback and insights, so we both can gain more freedom and reach higher levels of happiness.