How To Make a Great Infographics Design

Being an Internet entrepreneur, you’ve probably seen a few good infographics on topics such as Facebook, SEO, and other Internet marketing related services. In fact, you might even be sick of seeing so many new infographics every other day! In the Internet marketing industry, it’s true. Infographics are used so often that some marketers feel that they’ve reached a plateau.

Although they’re overused in the Internet marketing niche, they’re still very effective in generating widespread distribution and in link building (i.e. you can get a lot of people linking back to your website by having people embed your infographic on their websites). The best infographics combine great design with valuable content, and it’s difficult to ignore them especially if they are about a topic that really interests you.

You probably already know about the benefits of infographics. The reason why I’m writing about them is because I don’t believe they’re used enough in other Internet business niches. This is a great opportunity for you if you have businesses in other niches! They’re still a novelty in many other industries, so it makes sense to use them!

Here’s a decent video explaining what infographics are (for those of you who may not know much about them) with a basic framework on how to create great infographics designs, and how to promote them. Watch the video below and start brainstorming on topics you can use to create your own viral infographic.

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