A Funny, Inspirational Video For Internet Business Entrepreneurs

I wrote a post the other day about the best advice I could give to any Internet business entrepreneur. In the post, I mentioned how strongly I believe that businessmen need to know when to walk away from a loser project. Many entrepreneurs are very passionate about their businesses and let their emotions cloud sound decisions.

I mentioned, however, that being determined and dedicated to reaching your goals are important too. (They have their place, at the right time, and in the right situations.) Although continually believing in yourself to succeed was not the single, most important piece of advice I shared, it still is extremely important.

This video is a reminder that despite how rough the journey may be, you have to stick to your guns and go for it!

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Myles is a seasoned entrepreneur, marketer, and management professional. He is the CEO of eReach Consulting, a full service digital marketing agency, and he manages several online business websites.

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