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There is a particular direct response marketing blog I had subscribed to for updates about a year ago. I had subscribed to their RSS feed based on an acquaintances recommendation (someone just getting into the Internet business industry). I never read any of the blog’s content until today. As I browsed through a bunch of posts, I noticed that the blog wasn’t updated often, and when it was updated, many of the posts were pretty weak.

I recall how my acquaintance spoke highly of the blog. After reading some posts though, I couldn’t understand what he was talking about and why he thought the content was so great.

Before I deleted this particular blog from my RSS reader, I decided to read one more post which caught my eye. The post is from 3 days ago and is about ranking microsites on the first page of Google quickly. The post was horrible, and I realized I wasted about 15 minutes of my time reading it. The techniques the author shared are outdated and the tips that are still valid today, are common knowledge to experienced Internet marketers and SEO specialists.

Two thoughts immediately popped into my head. Firstly, the author is not the Internet marketing expert he has lead many people to believe. Secondly, the techniques shared wouldn’t work to rank microsites for highly competitive phrases in only a matter of weeks–the author mentioned that everything works for even the most competitive phrases.

How could this author have a huge following? How could my acquaintance think the author and his contente were awesome? After a total of 30 minutes, I realized that the blog author was a wannabe Internet marketer and Internet business entrepreneur who merely repeats what online experts have already written or talked about in the past.

A Niche Where You Can Win

So why was the blog such a hit? It’s because the author was able to successfully target a specific niche. To be exact, the author targeted a sub-niche of a niche. The blog caters to the Internet business and online marketing niche, but more specifically, the sub-niche of Internet marketing for beginners. This explains why my acquaintance praised the author, while after only 30 minutes, I deleted the blog feed from my RSS reader.

I personally think the blog isn’t worth reading because it’s very clear to me that the material is copied from other experts. Nonetheless, I applaud the blog’s author for repurposing existing content to target beginners. As long as the blog author is providing content that readers find valuable, I think what the author is  doing is perfectly fine.

Think Before You Act

The key takeaway here is that when you’re thinking about starting an Internet business, consider whether you’d be better off targeting a sub-niche or the larger niche. Of course, if any one particular niche has a small target market to begin with, you won’t want to limit yourself to a sub-niche because you’d be narrowing your audience even more, and you wouldn’t make any money!

You might wonder why you ought to think about catering to a sub-niche rather than a larger audience. If you’re entering a saturated market with a lot of experts (like the blog author), and you’re only repurposing others’ existing content with no original, valuable content to contribute, then your market’s real thought leaders can call you out (particularly if you’ve been able to amass a huge following and are making good money). If this happens, your Internet business could be ruined even before it’s started. The Internet can make you a lot of money, but the Internet can also kill your reputation.

Regardless of your topic or passion, there will always be sub-niches to target. Depending on your experience level, it might make more sense to take your Internet business in this direction.

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