A ‘Shady’ Internet Business: Unethical Craigslist Marketing

In this world, there are ‘good’ people, and there are ‘bad’ people. When it comes to making money online, some people exploit those who aren’t Internet savvy and familiar with the numerous ways to make a buck on the Internet.

I read an article today about a young adult who was making over $10,000 a month using unethical Craigslist marketing tactics. Although this a ‘shady’ Internet business model, it makes money. Now, I’m not advocating you do the same thing. In fact, I’m against this practice.

However, since Craigslist launched, different people have devised many different schemes and “black hat” tactics to make money off of different users. Craigslist has tried its best to prevent these schemes, but as there will always be ‘bad’ people, there will always be Craigslist marketers who are able to hide their unethical money making ideas (and get away with them).

I created a video a while back about different black hat Craigslist marketing techniques, and I thought posting it here would help you avoid some of the most widely used practices. If you have friends who you feel might fall for some of these tactics, please share this post with them so they understand what to look out for.


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