Whoops! It’s Been Over 2 Weeks!

So I planned on writing a blog post everyday for 365 days. After about 30 days, I realized that I had priorities that would prevent me from writing everyday. I decided that I would announce in my next blog post that I would be cutting back to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday blog posting schedule (rather [...]

No Post Today…Working On Some Big Things!

Sorry, but I’m too involved with creating a new website for a new business venture, and I haven’t had the time to create a post today. I normally write my posts first thing in the morning while ideas are fresh. Lately, however, I’ve had to prioritize other tasks. I’ll be back tomorrow with a content-rich [...]

Missed a day!

Well, my one post a day rhythm got all messed up today! I missed it by 5 minutes! Actually, it would probably take me at least 30 to 60 minutes to write a post with some value. As I mentioned in the past, I’m not going to post anything just for the sake of posting. [...]