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Forum Marketing – Don’t Underestimate Its Power!

When I opened my first martial arts school (some time in 1998?) the only traditional form of marketing I did was to pass out a few flyers. I made less than 1000 of them and handed them out at different schools in the area. This brought in a few students and proved to be a [...]

How To Make a Great Infographics Design

Being an Internet entrepreneur, you’ve probably seen a few good infographics on topics such as Facebook, SEO, and other Internet marketing related services. In fact, you might even be sick of seeing so many new infographics every other day! In the Internet marketing industry, it’s true. Infographics are used so often that some marketers feel [...]

A ‘Shady’ Internet Business: Unethical Craigslist Marketing

In this world, there are ‘good’ people, and there are ‘bad’ people. When it comes to making money online, some people exploit those who aren’t Internet savvy and familiar with the numerous ways to make a buck on the Internet. I read an article today about a young adult who was making over $10,000 a [...]

Review: Building An Email List of Interested & Engaged Prospects

I came across a guest blog post about email listing building on the IBM Podcast Blog, written by a web developer and Internet marketer who I have worked with in the past, Daniel Watrous. He launched a WordPress membership site 2 or 3 years ago, and I became a member. Unfortunately, he had to let [...]

Youtube Adsense – What’s Better, Youtube Pre-roll Ads or In-Video Ads?

If you’re in the Internet business industry, you undoubtedly have heard of Google Adsense. In summary, you get a piece of Google Adsense code, place it on your website for different ads to show up, and when visitors click on these ads, you get paid a certain amount. Some Internet marketers have really been successful [...]

Building An Email List With The Best Optin Forms

It’s Saturday evening, and instead of hanging out with friends and relaxing, I’m working on a few websites. In fact, I’ve been dealing with email opt-in form issues all day. It’s been frustrating, but I’m just about done. Because I’ve been working on email opt-in forms all day, I thought it would be a good [...]

Including This One Question In Your Sales Copy Will Increase Your Profits

Another day, another post! I’m off to the airport soon to fly back to San Diego from Chicago. Boy, I cannot wait to get back to some warmer weather! Before I leave though, I wanted to write about a great sales copy tactic that works all the time. Effective copywriting is a great skill to [...]

6 Automated & Live Webinar Strategies, Tips, & Techniques

Yesterday, I posted about the power of webinars and how automated webinars are probably the most powerful selling tool for Internet businesses today. If you missed yesterday’s post, you can read it here. Today, I want to give you six powerful webinar strategies, tips, and techniques to consider whenever you use live or automated webinars. [...]

Automated Webinars – The Best Tool in Internet Business Now

If you’re an experienced Internet entrepreneur in the Internet marketing or “make money online” niche, you probably already know how effective live and automated webinars are in closing prospects. You’ve probably attended many of them and ended up buying products or services because of the webinars. Live webinars are powerful selling tools for a number [...]

Start using Google+ or you won’t be ready when the SEO storm hits!

Start using Google+ & Google Plus One to get ahead! Transcript: Hi it’s Myles for It’s really early, as I mentioned, in my previous video. I’m heading to Chicago, right now I’m at Reagan International in D.C. And I don’t know if you can see in the back, but, definitely the shops are still [...]