Automated Webinars – The Best Tool in Internet Business Now

If you’re an experienced Internet entrepreneur in the Internet marketing or “make money online” niche, you probably already know how effective live and automated webinars are in closing prospects. You’ve probably attended many of them and ended up buying products or services because of the webinars.

Automated Webinars

Live webinars are powerful selling tools for a number of reasons:

    • Potential registrants and attendees won’t be exposed to a typical sales page. In other words, they are not being aggressively pitched on buying a product or service. Webinars are selling tools that when used properly, help lower prospects’ guards so that they will stick with you through an entire webinar.


    • Webinars provide a higher degree of trust to registrants and attendees. Because people can hear and/or see you online, it’s easier for them to trust you. You’re not hiding behind an impersonal sales page. You’re communicating with your prospects and followers openly and directly.


    • Webinars are more engaging. Live webinars allow you to communicate with attendees in real-time by talking to one another or through online chat features. As a result, they will be more engaged and encouraged to pay attention to your webinar. When your followers are more engaged, it is easier to bond with them–making it easier to eventually convert them into paying customers or clients. Likewise, because of the high level of interactivity, you can adjust your presentation depending on how your attendees react to different questions you may ask.


    • They bring high value, qualified traffic to you. When people want to attend your webinar, they have to go through several big hoops. First, they need to go through a registration process. Sometimes, this step alone can take a while and frustrate interested attendees. Secondly, after registering to attend the webinar, they have to wait for the date you actually conduct the webinar. In other words, people do not get the instant gratification normally sought in today’s society. Lastly, webinars are usually 45 to 60 minutes in length–this is a good average. When a person registers for a webinar, they can immediately expect that a good chunk of their time is going to be taken by it. Hence, if a person goes through all three hoops, you can rest assured that they are very interested in what you have to say (i.e. they are highly qualified traffic).


    • You can reach thousands of people around the world at the same time. Rather than making your offer to a small group of people in a limited geographic area, webinars are a speaking platform where you can deliver your message to thousands without being confined to one physical area–thanks to the Internet, of course. It’s very possible to make a lot of money from one webinar simply by delivering an outstanding presentation that includes an irresistible offer at the end.

Now… Imagine that you could take advantage of all the benefits I described above, without having to actually be on the webinar? Sounds pretty good, right?

Absolutely! With modern technology, Internet entrepreneurs and marketers can now implement “evergreen” webinars or in other terms, automated webinars. You can have your webinars conducted on auto-pilot!

Automated webinars take advantage of webinar platforms that simulate a live webinar environment–from the webinar screen’s design and layout, to creating simulated attendees, to having orchestrated chat messages from virtual attendees. There is still room for improvement when it comes to automated webinar platforms, but to non-Internet business savvy individuals, these “evergreen” webinars seem authentic.

Automated webinar platforms differ slightly, but they share the same fundamental process. You conduct the webinar in advance, record it using a screen capture software such as Screenflow or Camtasia, and while presenting, pretend that you’re conducting it live. You then take your recorded video, upload it to an automated webinar platform, and when the real webinar date arrives, the platform will play the video in a simulated, live webinar environment–disguising the fact that the presentation is a recorded video.

Imagine the possibilities! You can conduct as many webinars as you want without spending the time it takes to physically conduct them! I also forgot to talk about some of the key features that automated platforms have. There are so many that I can’t talk about them all, but there a three features that really stand out to me.

    • Simulated attendees. You can make it seem like you have hundreds or thousands of attendees. (You’re popular! :) )

    • Simulated chat. You can plan what shows up in the chat box, in addition to live chat messages. In other words, you can create your own script and time messages from any simulated webinar attendee. The possibilities of this feature are endless. For example, you can use this feature to show social proof. When you mention a particular statement during your webinar, you can have the webinar platform send chat messages from ‘attendees’ supporting your statements!

    • Delayed Call-to-Action Buttons. Most automated webinar platforms will allow you to have call-to-action buttons (e.g. a “buy now” button) pop up at specific times. This is a great way to encourage people to take action when they are most likely to (i.e. when your webinar has delivered such value and triggers them to want to buy your product or service).

You might be thinking or saying to yourself, this entire automated webinar strategy is really shady and dishonest. Honestly, I agree. Which is why I have decided to limit its use. Nonetheless, if your Internet business’s offering is extremely valuable and will help people, and you provide outstanding content during your webinar, one could make an argument that you’re doing your attendees a favor. ;)

Regardless of whether you want or don’t want to use this strategy, there’s no denying that it is extremely powerful. Automated webinars leverage the benefits of live webinars, giving you the freedom to work on growing your business in other areas.

Tomorrow, I’ll share some of my best webinar tips, give you some warnings to consider (if you plan to conduct automated webinars), and talk a little bit about two of the ‘better’ automated/evergreen webinar platforms I’ve used.

Until then, if you want to check them out, you can here:

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