Automated Webinar Frustrations!

I had planned to write a post about the use of Infographics for Internet business today, but I have spent over 12 hours trying to set up the automated chat scripts for an automated webinar, using Stealth Seminar. I created a post a few days ago about using automated webinars, and I recommended two evergreen webinar platforms: Stealth Seminar and the Evergreen Business System.

Both platforms have their pros and cons, and between the two, I usually rely on Stealth Seminar because it has been more reliable. However, when I’ve used Stealth Seminar, I have never had to use its available “Chat Replay” feature. To make a long story short, let’s just say that Stealth Seminar really fails in the area of allowing webinar presenters to plan and set up automated chat scripts. Everything I did today should not have taken more than 45 minutes. Using the Evergreen Business System, I would have been done in that time frame. 12 hours later, using Stealth Seminar, I’m still not done…Very frustrating.

As I mentioned, unfortunately, there are pros and cons to each platform. This is one of Stealth Seminar’s weaknesses when compared to the Evergreen Business System. If they improve this feature, I think Stealth Seminar will have the upper hand when it comes to automated webinar platforms–because of its current degree of reliability compared to other platforms.

On another note, I contacted Stealth Seminar’s customer support just to make sure that they didn’t have the Evergreen Business System chat feature that I’ve used many times–which they really don’t currently have. Although their support was quick, it was sub-par. It was clear that I was communicating with someone in a developing country. It took three back and forth support tickets for their representative to realize what I was talking about, and when he knew, he had no support to provide. It was a waste of my time contacting their support (quick but ‘useless’ customer support).

I definitely won’t try to use their chat feature again until it’s improved, and I recommend you don’t, too. I’ve lost an entire day of focusing on money making activities because of their poor quality chat feature (another example is the fact that a number of messages that are entered during live chat, do not post–on many occasions).

Well, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to finish what I’ve tried to finish today and get to more important Internet business topics!

(March 17, 2012 Update)

Geoff, the owner, heard about my frustrations and got personally involved. I appreciate his participation in looking into the issue. He created a screen capture from his own computer showing that he could not reproduce the problem, so I’m creating my own screen capture to highlight what is going on with the chat box.

I asked Geoff about any plans to add a similar chat function as EBS, where the platform allows a user to pre-populate scripted chat messages. He brought up a good point that his lawyer raised–the use of scripted messages can be construed as a violation of FTC rules. As a result, they will not be adding that feature in the future.

Because this can be an FTC violation, proceed with caution when thinking about using scripted chat messages.

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Lan March 14, 2013 5:58 am

I think the big players need to step up to the stealth marketing world. Gotomeeting, gotowebinar, should have a replay on demand feature, and a crm built in.

Perhaps Infusion soft should have a webinar front as well as replay front.

Too many tools, time and effort wasted.

Stealth seminar wise, Great support!


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